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Richard Nix aka Marion MacKay:  An avid street and dirt motorcyclist his entire adult life and highly decorated former law enforcement officer, Richard has lived many of the adventures he brings to the page.  He worked as a Medi-Van driver in his hometown of Bakersfield, California before training in Administration of Justice.  His work as the Production Security Coordinator for Artist Production Group in Bakersfield opened doors into executive protection and he joined the law enforcement community in 1985.  Ambushed on duty in 1987, his control under fire and life saving actions towards the public earned him a Kern County Sheriff’s Office Commendation of Valor and a California Peace Officer Certificate of Valor. He has covered local and professional motorsports for several publications, worked as a Media Coordinator for NASCAR during the 50th Anniversary ramp up and worked as a construction manager on  numerous city-block size commercial structures in Seattle, Washington where he makes his home.  His first novel The Treasure Hunted placed in the finalist round of the 2012 Adventure Writers Competition and served as a Judge in 2016.

His second book in the series is coming soon.   He still finds time to write between employment in the construction industry, the numerous group rides and rallies he attends, and has two completed children’s stories as the illustrator.  

The Treasure Hunted is now on the shelf at in Kindle format.

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